Free Islamic Blogger Template for Ramadan

Ramadhan Bulan Berkah, free Islamic Blogger template
Screenshot of "Ramadhan Bulan Berkah"

Marhaban yaa Ramadhan!!

Yes, yes, Ramadhan is coming... alhamdulillah.

Ramadan, a special month full of Rewards from Allah, full of Blessings, full of Forgiveness, a time for reflection. Welcoming Ramadhan, for fellow bloggers, here I share a free Islamic Blogger template: "Ramadhan Bulan Penuh Berkah" ('Ramadan the month of blessings' in Bahasa Indonesia). This template only has one picture, on the header part: Al Qur'an. Let us remember that Ramadhan is also Month of Qur'an (Thanks to for the beautiful Islamic wallpaper picture).

Marhaban Yaa Ramadhan
Screenshot 2 columns

This template is based on Ethereal template by Jason Morrow (you can see the original template on Blogger Template Designer page from your blogger dashboard), so it has all the advantage you can use if you want to customize it to your like. You can change the background by adding your own pictures or simply just changing the colors, you can adjust your blog width (for both the main section and sidebar/s), you can choose your layout (one block? two sidebars? left or right sidebar? just try it!). As you see on the second picture, example of layout when I use the template with both left and right sidebar, you can add many widgets to your blog. There are plenty possibility, including put your Google Adsense code as leader board, or sky-scrapper, 125x125 square; or put campaign banners -- for example, to help fighting hunger in Africa and worldwide. You can customize your template further by changing the font, font-size, font color, and font-style.

Layout in New Blogger Template Designer

Well, here some notes before you use this template:

  1. Make a back up of your current template, it always pays to be careful :)

  2. Be Respectful! As I said above, the designer of this template is Jason Morrow, the picture used is from, and (lol) the person who write this posting you are reading now is me. Don't delete the links on the bottom part. You can add your link or whatsoever there, but please be careful not to claim yourself as the template creator. It is really a shame for any Muslim to do such thing.

Ok. You have read it now. Go, download this template for your Blogger blog, may this help us becoming better in the Holy month of Ramadhan

Download template (XML + Images)

Download Template

(XML file)

Demo Blog of Ramadhan Bulan Berkah template Preview

Demo Blog 1 (3 columns) and Demo Blog 2 (2 columns)

That's all for now. May Allah SWT keep us in peace, and guards every brother and sister in the world... and see you soon with new Islamic cross stitch pattern for you to work on during Ramadan! Wassalaamu'allaikum.