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Only few days to Ramadhan, yaay! Yes, I'm happy and pray my family and I and all Muslim worldwide would be able to perform best of ebadaat in the holy month. I am working on a new cross stich pattern, it's a calligraphy of "Allahu Akbar" using 6 DMC thread colors. It's not yet finished, I still need to make it as neat as possible, so you will not get a carelessly made pattern. Please be patient, I will upload it when it's ready.

This posting is to let you know that I finally have an account in virtual social network. Hahaha, yes, I'm kind of cave-man by not signing up to such network until lately, while virtually only the illiterate who doesnt have Facebook account (Ok, I don't have data on this. Actually, this is what my niece said to encourage me to join social network on the Net. Sorry.)

Nah, today I join Google Plus after reading Neil Patel's article Why Your Business Ought to Use Google Plus. Well, by doing this I confirm that he is one of influencers on the web (read his profile everywhere, it said that was according to the Wall Street Journal). But he is not just any star on the web. He is one of the very rare young person who had achieved remarkable position among world-class entrepreneurs in their teenager/young adult days, yet they keep their down-to-earh attitude. If you dont believe me, just read Neil's article I mentioned earlier. You will see he's sharing with other... and LOL, by reading that article you will know how to join Google Plus if you haven't known it (I do not write about it, there are tons of it already on the Net).

Nah, if you are already in Google Plus and want to add me as friend in your circle, you can click my page and I will be really happy to have you in my circle too. This is my first social network page after all. Oh by the way, if you haven't got invitation and can't wait until this Google Project become available for all (right now it's still limited and only for owner of gmail adress only), just leave you gmail address on comment (please make it safe for you, not "" you better write it as "someone at gmail dot com".

See you on Google Plus!