Code for Cross Stitch Calculator Widget


When I decided to put cross stitch calculator on this page, I learnt from's Guide to Java Script. However, I met with no success applying the instructions for this blog. Perhaps, it's for website or mini-site, I thought. Then I tried to applied that Stephen Chapman's code at widgetbox. It worked fine. Unfortunately, my slow internet connection could't display the widget well on my computer. And I thought others who had the same poor connection probably had the same problem to display the widget. So for me, and they whose same internet connection problem, it's really frustrating to make the widget work when opening this blog.

Finally, I made a little modification to make it possible for me to display the cross stitch calculator as a widget on this blog. It's really easy. If you have blogger's blog, and you want to display the cross stitch calculator, all you have to do is just add a new page element by opening the layout menu on the dashboard. Then, paste the code on the editing window that appear shortly after you click the add element button. Then, save it. Voila, you can see it on your blog when you reload the blog page.

Wait! What code to copy-paste?

He he he [GRIN], here it is:

By defaut, you dont have to adjust the calculator size and color. It will automatically fit on your new page element (widget area) and the calculator is almost transparent so it will follow the area's colour. However, if you like to, you can do that. From my experiments (woow, what a word!) the calculator will look nice in between 210 to 400 pixels of width. But, again and again, this only me --not really a suggestion. ;)

Nah, I hope this posting will brings manfaat for us. If you like online gadget, "Counted Cross Stitch, Needlework, and Stitchery Page" has useful gadgets. You can calculate how big your project would be on different fabric counts by using
Fabric Count Calculator
or calculate the amount of fabric needed for your cross stitch project by using "How Much Fabric" Calculator provided there.

Wassalaamuallaikum Wr. Wb.