Free Cross Stitch Chart: Masjid Jumuah

Free Cross Stitch Chart: Masjid Jumuah

Yaaaayy, alhamdulillah, I have one more free cross stitch chart to share! This is picture of one historical mosque in Islam history: Masjid Jumuah, the mosque where the Prophet Muhammad SAW prayed his first Friday prayers in Medina (Jumuah is Friday).

About how it happened, a super brief explanation on Muslim Photo gallery says,"The Prophet (pbuh) had travelled from Mecca to Medina during the hijra and had rested at Quba. He left Quba on his she-camel Qaswa and was approached by the local tribesmen. He took his time to greet them all and when the time of prayer neared, he was at the dwellings of Bani Salim ibn Awf. They were expecting the Prophet (pbuh) to honour them by accepting their hospitality, just like he had honoured their cousins in Quba. So the Prophet (pbuh) prayed at that place which later became Mosque of Bani Salim built by the companions of the Prophet (pbuh)"


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Title Masjid Jumuah
Picture source
Size 303 x 461 stitches (wide by high)*
Floss 21 colors, DMC stranded cotton**
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* using Aida 14ct, this pattern will make a fine 55 x 84 cm finished design. For other fabric type, see here to manually measure the finshed design or use the cross stitch calculator

** see here for threads conversion chart (DMC/Anchor)

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