Simple Cross Stitch: Assalaamu'allaykum (Kufi)

Simple cross stitch for children


Alhamdulillah we are able to share another free cross stitch pattern this time, a beautiful work of kufic calligraphy by Lutfi again became the original picture for this pattern. For this cross stitch project we used full and quarter stitches, as well as some neat back stitching to add more accents. We also use 2, 3, and 4 stands for different thread colors to make it looks better when finished. Almost like 3D, lol. Anyway, other than those small things, this pattern in general is still a simple one.

If you'd like to stitch this pattern and about to dinf the supply for fabric and threads/cottons at e-bay, please be aware of fake DMC. I recently suggest a friend of mine to get bargain at e-bay. Later on, she said to me that she got very similar to DMC threads, it has DMC brand, but it is somehow looks paler. So, just be exttra careful before bbuying something there and never believe a bargain with far under normal price.

I hope you'll like the pattern and it gives us manfa'at. Please let us know if you find problem in downloading the pattern... and thank you for keep visiting us here.

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See you again soon, wassalaamu'allaykum.

Pattern Snapshot


Item Code CAL 031
Title Assalamu'allaykum (Kufi)
Size 156w x 196h stitches

approx. 283 x 356 mm*
Threads 6 colors, DMC**
Price US$ 0.00 » GRATUIT, FREE !! ***
Pattern Format PDF version 1.6
Picture source
Download Links Color Chart (1.1 Mb)
* finished design on Aida 14ct. For other fabric used, see here to manually measure the size or use the cross stitch calculator on right sidebar of this page

** see here for threads conversion chart (DMC/Anchor)

*** pattern only