Floral #3 (Blue Haze)

Stitched design of Floral #3 (Blue Haze)


Some while ago I said something about being tired (and bored) while reading Twilight "Saga". A friend asked about that. Since the trilogy was a best-seller, she wonder why I was so cynical on commenting it. Actually, I had the books for months (another friend gave me her used books before she returned to England) but I had not any chance to read yet. When finally I read the books, it was because my 8th grade niece in Banyuwangi said something about it on the phone. It was fun reading, my niece said, it's so light it made you floating void after reading. She added, she likes the book very much, too bad there's very little virtue in it, the protagonist had all they want, effortlessly, mostly for no reason except their roles as protagonists. So I thought, ah, the book is barbie-like fairy tale with prince charm a vampire hero (this is remarkably the only difference betwen Meyer's modern tale with HC Andersen's)... Sorry for being rude, but yes, I agree with my niece: Twilight Saga was media boosted.

I couldn't believe the trilogy hit the audiences so hard that it became best-seller for months. I guessed poor or ordinary girl mate with brilliant-rich-absurdly charm-super extraordinary "prince" was still a HUGE attraction for audience of girls around the world, and Alhamdulillah at the end my niece wasn't one of them. It's a pity she saved weeks of her pocket money to buy the books. However, she learnt a lesson this time: not buying any book just because of all of your friends fancy it. [GRIN]

The best thing happened later: Brisingr was finally released (in Bahasa Indonesia). I was really glad she could tell that Eragon, Roran, Nasuada, Orik the Dwarf King, and other characters in Inheritance Cycle were much more interesting, developed, and looked very much alive compared to that of Meyer's Saga. They all had complex thoughts and personality, facing challeges and obstacles, not as flat as the ones of Twilight Saga's. To me personally, since I was neither a big fan of Paolini nor Meyer, the best part of Inheritance cycle was it could show the reader how the protagonists love reading and books, never gave up, and embraced strong solidarity amongst them. The best character in Meyer's Saga was James the Werewolf, and the worst part of it was the marriage between the protagonists (really a replay of classic Andersen's tales).

Okay, I stopped this topic now. I should back to topic of this posting, which was about the third design in our floral series. I named it Blue Haze, just as reminder to our bad feelings, bad days, and other unfortunate events in our life. Even sorrow and grief, all of them actually were beautiful and completeness to our existence. Often, when time had given enough distance between us and the problems, we could she the beauty of harmony it created in our life. Masya Allah, we could only thanked Allah for the experiences, for making us stronger with them, for guarding us living our life. I hoped this title was not too ambitious ;)


Item CodeFLO 003
TitleFloral #3 (Blue Haze)
Size150 x 150 stitches (wide by high)*
Floss6 colors, DMC stranded cotton**
Price$ 0.00 » GRATUIT, FREE, GRATIS! ***
FormatPDF version 1.6 (use Foxit Reader for best viewing)
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* finished design depends on fabric used, see here to manually measure the fabric or use the cross stitch calculator

** see here for threads conversion chart (DMC/Anchor)

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As always, I hoped you like our patterns. Insya allah, I would post the next floral patterns soon. Wassalaamu'allaykum.

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  1. hi, waiting for the next pattern, can you post Ayatul Qursiy? Thanks

  2. salaam, ratna, I'm still working on the pattern. It's been months already... but I have to be careful making pattern of an Ayah of Holy Qur'an. please be patience.