Another Free Islamic Cross Stitch Patterns


Alhamdulillah, Allah SWT gave us the strenght and patience in dealing with misfortunes. After two weeks of being hospitalized, my father getting better. His health deteriorated in the last two years and being hospitalized in National Cardiovascular Center in capitol Jakarta was his routine --well, the best was bimonthly-- since last Ramadhan. Unfortunately, when my old man was getting better, last week, my mother had serious breathing problemand being hospitalized too.

After four days, doctors allowed her to go home in Lampung province. Alhamdulillah, this afternoon I copanied them home. Both of my parents are okay now, only minor complain on their disgestives. Alhamdulillah

Nah, I think I will need more days to concentrate on their recoveries. So, I regret this deeply, until next week I will post no new pattern on this blog. However, just in case you don't aware, I have three Islamic cross stitch patterns on my blog (in Bahasa Indonesia), which I didn't post here. You can download for free, and I dont think language will be a big problem since the pictures and pattern symbols always have the same language in cross stitch (I hope this is not a too optimistic view of mine):

Allah on Yellow Background 

 Rasulallah on Yellow Background 

Allah (BW)

Well, that's all my posting this time. Soon after everything okay again, I will post new patterns. Insya Allah.