Free Pattern QS Al Baqarah ayat 201


Alhamdulillah a very talented woman, Ayesha, gave me the permission to use her works of Islamic calligraphy. This free cross stitch pattern is based on one of her works, which you can find some of them on her Facebook page, and or on her Instagram album. Take time to visit those links, you will know what I mean by "very talented", masha Allah.

This pattern, if you stitch it on 18ct aida, will need approximately 9 skeins of DMC stranded cotton threads. I didn't include thread colour conversion into other brand, as you will find it easy to just use other colour. The general detail of the pattern is shown below:

Title:  Al Baqarah ayat 201 (link to read tafseer and transliteration)

Item Code: JXS CAL 087

Fabric: Aida 18ct or 14ct

Grid Size: 192W x 308H

Design Area: 184 x 297  stitches

27 cm x 43.5 cm  (18ct)

35 cm x 56 cm (14ct)

This is the DOWNLOAD LINK, and if for some reasons your computer browser can't automatically download it, find the file here. The pattern is 929kB, in PDF format. If you download it using smartphone or other gadgets, make sure you have up to date PDF reader installed. This will save you from trouble not able to view the pattern properly.

That's all for now, I hope this post brings manfaat to us. Amin.


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