Floral #5 (Red Curl)

Stitched design of Floral #3 (Red Curl)


Alhamdulillah, I survived days of disappointment after reading Twilight Trilogy. I had the books for months but had no chance to read yet. When finally I read the books, it turned to be exhausting moments. Wheeeew, I took almost two weeks to read the books, it was a real struggle: fighting boredom rise from it. Especially, I read them only several days after I read the breathtaking Night Angel Trilogy, the best books of 2008 according some critics. I stayed late for 2 days to finish the trilogy, and several times I found myself held breath in disbelief.

Eventhough the story was setted in nowhere of real world, it told exactly what happened to street children, gang members, abandoned youth anywhere in our real life, real world. I worked as volunter for children rights in 2004-05, and I could tell that Brent Weeks really knew the condition, really knew what he wrote about when he showed us Azoth's (the protagonist) life as a boy.

If you have limited budget to buy books these months, please consider the later trilogy. Night Angel Trilogy practically was the best choice because of its price. There was a sale of the first book (Way of the Shadows), a real crazy sale: $1.00 for the BIG FAT book. To know abut this sale, please check the author's blog at www.brentweeks.com --and, hurry! it won't be $1 forever. However, if you were late and the sale had already ended, I encouraged you to buy the books. Of course, it's if you are adult, because the story packed in the Night Angel Trilogy was dark, gritty, nerves tenser... really not for minors or even young adult if they didn't have guts.

Oh, well. Enough with that. Just go buy the book, and you sould see I am not a liar about Brent Weeks' works. Now I will introduce the free cross stitch pattern I brought you today. This is pattern number 5 in our floral series. Until now, there were 12 patterns in this series and insya Allah I will shared most of them.


Item CodeFLO 005
TitleFloral #5 (Red Curl)
Size150 x 150 stitches (wide by high)*
Floss4 colors, DMC stranded cotton**
Price$ 0.00 » GRATUIT, FREE, GRATIS! ***
FormatPDF version 1.6 (use Foxit Reader for best viewing)
Download Links Plain Pattern [35 Kb]
* finished design depends on fabric used, see here to manually measure the fabric or use the cross stitch calculator

** see here for threads conversion chart (DMC/Anchor)

*** pattern only, if you want to buy kit or finished work please contact us

That's all for now. May Allah SWT keep us in peace, and guards every brother and sister in the world. Wassalaamu'allaykum.

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