Free Pattern: Rasulallah SAW on Red Background


This time, our free cross stitch pattern is the second part of the red backgroud series. Actually, I didn't think of making a serial of patterns, but when I finished stitching the design of Allah on red background , our mother ask us, "When will we have this on our living room? Your paired designs are beautiful."

Ay, ay, of course, people love to have calligraphies of Allah SWT and Prophet Muhammad SAW designed as a pair. Therefore, I work on this pattern as my mother asked me. Perhaps next week my sister will begin stitching it. She is now working on a design of Mecca sketch, she is about finishing three quarter of the whole pattern. Hopefully soon we can borrow someone's digital camera or handphone to take the pictures of our finished cross stitch designs, we would be happy to share it here.

Well, now about this pattern. I use the same color as in Allah design, 8 colors of Anchor cotton threads. I also include DMC substitute for the threads on the pattern. This pattern will result in a finished design of 26 by 26 cm fabric (aida 14ct), I hope the size not too big or too small. Well, at least it fit our living room's wall :), may it is too on yours.


Item CodeCAL005
TitleRasulallah on Red Background
Size143 x 143 stitches*
Threads8 colours, Anchor/DMC cotton**
Picture sourceSitus Keluarga ilma95
Price$ 0.00 >> GRATIS, FREE DOWNLOAD!!
Download link clearer colored pattern [PDF 312Kb] choose: link 1 or link 2 or link 3

BW pattern, smaller file size [PDF 152Kb] choose: link 1 or link 2 or link 3
NEW!! Updated links (29 June 2011)  > Plain Pattern and Colored Pattern 
* finished design size may vary, depends on fabric you use

** You can use other brand, of course

Pattern Snapshot

BW pattern: Calligraphy Muhammad on red background
BW pattern

colored pattern: Calligraphy Muhammad on red background
Coloured pattern

May you like it and it brings manfaat for us.




  1. Nice site.Great content. Each and everything is described so well. And I liked the idea of a cross stich calculator placed in your site. Good work. Keep going..

  2. Im really loving your patterns. Hopefully can get a few done to give as gifts for ^id in about a month...I will say on some you have your blog address right in the middle of the picture..just an FYI