Free Calligraphy Pattern Muhammad Rasulullah

I made this pattern in December last year but haven't had a chance to share it due to mum's deteriorating health, and after 11 years fighting against breast cancer and cervical cancer, Mum passed away on 27th of February 2014. This pattern is very special to me, not only this one is the last pattern mum saw I stitched when we chatted in those months, but also because this pattern is calligraphy of the very man, Prophet Muhammad PBUH, who taught humankind to put the utmost love, respect and sincere care for woman; especially mother.

I hope by sharing this, it will bring us manfaat in many good ways.


pattern snapshoot

Item Code: JXSCAL 067
Title: Muhammad Rasulallah
Size: 21 x 25 cm finished design on black Aida 14ct
Threads: 7 colors of DMC Art 117

UPDATED 04/02/2021 Download link: CLICK  (format pdf, 355 kB)

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