Surah Al Kawtsar (QS 108:1-3)

free cross stitch pattern Srah Al Kautsar 1-3


Alhamdulillah. In less than a week we will meet another Eid al Adha, insya Allah. Welcoming the special day, here I share xstitch chart of Surah Al Kautsar (Al Kawthar, or Al Kawstar as I found on the Internet). The second verse is about making sacrifice only for Allah, expecting bless and mercy. More about this short Surah, you can visit, and you can find the tafseer at

In relation to Eid, for us Muslim who can afford it, let's make udhiyya qurban. Why, what's the importance of it? Why slaughter animal for sacrifice? You can find a very good brief explanation about it on Then if you would not mind, I suggest you to send your qurban to the most needed right now: those victims of flood in Thailand, or earthquake in Turk, and of coursse The Horn of Africa area is still in the state of emergency because of severe drought and famine. How to send it there, you live in the US, or Australia, or elsewere but those areas? Nah, it's just a click away: visit, they serve muslim worldwide.

That's all for now, feel free to download this pattern for your next xstitch project and please do remember this is a verse of Al Qur'an, therefore you be careful when handling it. Do perform wudhoo (ablution). I hope you'll like the pattern and it gives us manfa'at. Please let us know if you find problem in downloading the pattern... and thank you for choosing our patterns.

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See you again soon, wassalaamu'allaykum.

Pattern Snapshot

pola kristik gratis Surat Al Kautsar


Item Code: CAL 034
Title: Surah Al Kawthar (QS 108:1-3) -- Pola kristik Surat Al Kautsar
Size: 283w X 169h stitches
* approx. 20.2w X 12h inch finished design on Aida 14ct
* approximation for 11ct and 18 ct fabric included
* For other fabric used, see here to manually measure the size, or use the cross stitch calculator on right sidebar of this page
Threads: 7 colors, DMC (Art 117)
* Thread Conversion List from DMC into Anchor Coats included
Price: 0.00 AUD/USD/GBP » GRATUIT, FREE !!
* Pattern only. For kit we provide plain pattern, and you choose brand of threads you'd like to use: (1) DMC, or (2) Anchor, or (3) CXC cottons (China manufactured brand, 95% similar to DMC)
* Contact us for more info on kit price, shipping, and payment
Format: PDF version 1.6
* use Foxit Reader for best viewing
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Alternative link on Mediafire  UPDATED LINK  (04022021)

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