Updated Links for Mosque (Free Cross Stitch Patterns)


To respond some emails informed us about dead/broken links to download our free patterns, here I upload the mosque patterns again. You can see details of the particular pattern by clicking it, or simply just download it because the patterns have all necessary detail anyway. Feel free to choose, and please let us know if you have any problem downloading the pattern(s).

As always, I hope you like our free patterns. May this posting brought us manfaat, not mudharat.


Cross stitched Masjid Small

Masjid (Small)
Color Pattern not available
Plain Pattern

Cross stitched Sketch of Ka'bah

Color Pattern

Cross stitched Sketch of Ka'bah (Coloured)

Cross stitched Old Time Ka'bah

Cross stitched Masjid Tokyo

Masjid Tokyo

Color Pattern
Plain Pattern not available