Please Help this Sister in Need


ON Januari 31 I read this posting, sister Hijabee wrote it. Since the closing date is coming, I re-post this to help it spread wider among bloggers. Please visit the Project Hijab blog to know futher, and you can also write email to sister Hijabee (heejabee at gmail).


I'm coming to you on this blessed Friday to ask for help for this dear sister that I know who lives in Maryland. For privacy reasons, I will not reveal her name or specific information . This sister was married for 8 years to her husband when he suddenly left this summer. He did not provide any reasons whatsoever, just that he did not want to be with her anymore. The estranged husband filed for divorce and disappeared leaving her in the 2 bedroom apartment they were renting together. Since then, she's been going through a lot of fitnah as he left phone bills amounting to $800 and did not pay the rent before leaving. Now this sister is a babysitter and doesn't make much!

She also didn't expect her husband to leave hence did not have any savings as he emptied their bank account before leaving. Now, he refuses to support the daughter they have together saying he can't afford it. Last week,we learned that her ex-husband remarried and left for Las Vegas for his honeymoon while the same week he told her he couldn't pay for her daughter's school because he was broke! The sister presently lives in a 2 bedroom apartment and is actively looking for a roomate due to the fact that she can't afford the rent by herself. She hasn't found one yet.

This morning I received a distressed call from her because they're threatening to evict her from her apartment if she doesn't pay the $3,000 balance left by her husband. Now, this sister is barely making it on her sitter's salary and can't afford to pay this extra $3,000. When she informed her ex-husband, he told her to move out coz he doesn't intend to pay the rent he owed! So please, please if you have any $$$ to spare, help this sister for the sake of Allah!

Sorry for the grammatical errors, Im at work and just wanted to get this out before the end of the day. All you need to donate money is a paypal account. May Allah reward you!