Islamic Blogger Template: Allahu Akbar #3

Free Islamic Blogger Template: Allahu Akbar #3

Bismillahirahmaanirahiim. Assalaamuallaykum.

This is one of the first layouts I made for this blog in Juli 2008. It's basically the same layout with the template I use here now, with some different features like images for background and header. If you like this blogger template, now you can have it for free.

Download template (XML + Images) | Download template (XML + Images)
Demo Blog | Preview Demo Blog

Some notes about this template:

  1. Before you change the template, it's best to save a copy of your current template to your hard drive.

  2. Also save your widgets' HTML code if you want to add the same widgets on the new template. Alternatively, you can read Amanda's posting about the easier way to copy widgets from one template to another. And to help you do this even easier, use XML Copy Editor from Sourceforge.Net (it's free software).

  3. Before you save the new template for your blog, it's best to preview it first.

  4. If you don't want to use the cloud style I use for this template for your label widget, or you want to make modifications on it, please read the explanation on Phydeaux3's Label Cloud setup and Instructions.

  5. If you want to make modification on the CSS part, you can see it here, save it, modify it, and upload it to your own file-hosting service.

  6. Just in case you cannot upload the XML file directly, open the template (using the XML Copy Editor or Notepad) then select all, copy it, and paste it on html edit area. Better to check the "expand widget" modes.

  7. Before installing this template, all I ask for is that you must keep the credit Template by STR from Minima retouched by Nyahoo | ics - id | ADxMenu | on bottom part, and not to get rid of it. You can add your link or whatsoever there, but that very part must stay as it is. I'm not asking for money, just a little recognition. From my experience with Ka'bah Night template, several people claimed the template as their work and this is really a shame for any Muslim to do such thing.
  8. For more Islamic blogger templates, please visit Blogger Skin Resources, a blog maintained by Rini, a creative sister in Jakarta.

That's all for now. May Allah SWT keep us in peace, and guards every brother and sister in the world. Wassalaamu'allaikum.



  1. Very soft color, what a great idea
    thankyou for sharing this and hope more fruitful
    information here
    good job .. may GBU always