Cat #8 - Vargas Llosa

kristik Cat #8 Vargas Llosa (Cross Stitched)


When I lived in Surakarta studying Performing Arts at Indonesian Art College there, my boarding house was quite famous as "Haunted Place"... LOL, I liked the idea. It made the students stay away from it (I love quiet place after busy day hours). The stories people reported about ghost, fairies (banshee? elf? jinn?), butho, kala, and other evil spirits they saw at night made the house even more "famous"; however, the girls lived there (including me) were just happy there. The only strange thing we found was many cats came and live with us.

Of course, it had nothing to do with any mystical or magical creatures. The cats were homeless and we took care of them so they liked staying there. We named each cat, and when it was my turn to give a name I used my favourite writers'. Therefore, from fourteen cats at that time, with Temon, Ginger, Pussy, and other cat names we had Milan Kundera, Chinua Achebe, Pramoedya, Vargas Llosa, Pablo Neruda, etc.

Nah, Vargas Llosa was the naughtiest and most fierce of them. When I was angry to him, he hid and from time to time he would check if he could enter my room again. LOL. If you wonder how he looked like when was doing that, look at the cross stitch design above. It was cuter with its sharp eyes. Still innocent, even after he ruined my socks box. He he he, if you like its expression, you can have the pattern for free. Just see the details and if you like it, please drop me a line.


Item CodeMAH 017
TitleCat #8 - Vargas Llosa
Size165 x 221 stitches (wide by high)*
Floss16 colors, DMC stranded cotton**
Price$ 0.00 » GRATUIT, FREE, GRATIS! ***
FormatPDF version 1.6 (use Foxit Reader [gratis])
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MAH017 color

MAH017 plain

Updated links (3 Sep 2011): Color Pattern and Plain Pattern
* finished design depends on fabric used, see here to manually measure the fabric or use the cross stitch calculator

** see here for threads conversion chart (DMC/Anchor)

*** pattern only

That's all for now. I hope this posting will bring joy and manfaat to us; I apologize if I say something unproper here. May Allah SWT keep us in peace, always.


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