Ramadhan Free Pattern: Allah (on Black BG #9)


Ramadhan, best month for us to spend more of our earnings for infaq and sadaqah causes. If you have plan to spend more on this causes, please consider not only the poor and elders near to your place. Of course, you have to prioritize the neigbours among other people; and if you have done this through your community masjid, try to give donation to they who are in poor condition in other places, other regions, other countries. This unprecedented globalized world had been widening the gap between the rich and the poor around the world, and had been worsening the deteriorated living of billions people - especially in the South.

There are hundreds ways to help, I'm sure you know it. However, if you manage to make donation for non-profit organisations, try to find out organisations that doing its best to employ as many local people as possible in implementing their programs. Better still, if the organisation let you know how exactly your money being spent in their works. And for this reason, Kiva is an organisation you should see.

Well, it's just my two cents. I do apologise if I said something wrong there. Next time, perhaps you can just jump to the detail for the pattern I post on this blog [GRIN], like this pattern. If you like this particular pattern, just download it now. It will no longer free after 1st of October.


Item CodeCAL 012
TitleAllah (on Black BG #9)
Size210 x 210 stitches (wide by high)*
Threads30 colors, DMC stranded cotton**
PriceUS$ 4.00 » GRATUIT, FREE in this Ramadhan!! ***
Pattern FormatPDF version 1.6 (best view with Foxit Reader)
Pattern Snapshot [click to enlarge view]CAL 012 plain pattern snapshot
CAL 012 color pattern snapshot
CAL 012 color pattern snapshot
Download Links CAL012 color [691 Kb]

CAL012 colored symbol [477 Kb]

CAL012 plain [420 Kb]
* finished design depends on fabric used, see here to manually measure the fabric or use the cross stitch calculator on right sidebar of this page

** see here for threads conversion chart (DMC/Anchor)

*** pattern only

Hope you like the pattern. See you soon. Wassalaam.

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