Islamic Blogger Template: Ka'bah Night

Screenshot of Ka'bah Night Template


Internet is fun and blogging is fascinating creative. I had several cross stitch patterns that had been transformed from hand written paper into PDF format lately, but it need some times before my sister Wein finished checking them and I could share them here. Since she was busy in mom's routines (moreover, one of her daughters was in East Java province to have her education in Muslim school there), I thought it will take at least couple of days before she gave me back the checked patterns. Nah, waiting for the patterns, I learnt to modify the template of this blog. As you may aware, before I changed the head section, this blog took forever to load on your browser, especially MSIE (any version). That was because I carelessly added many scripts that contradicted to each other. Wheew, alhamdulillah it was resolved.

Well, everything has its good side [SMILE]. I was really into template modification after read this guy's tutorials. Result of my experiments were not only better display and quicker loading time of this blog and its sister, but several modifications of Blogger's Minima template. Since I didn't have idea to use them on my blogs (at least for now), and it's too bad if the templates just being abandoned, I shared one of them here. If you readers like this, I plan to share other templates occasionally.

I called it Ka'bah Night template, the screenshot was above, on top of this posting. To me, this new baby looked beautiful, and I hope you are agree with that [GRIN]. If you want to use it, check the links below to find out further:

Before changing your blogger template, make sure you backed-up your present template and its widgets' codes. For you who had not been familiar (yet) with new blogger's xml template, or not sure what's that, visit Amanda's blog or Vin's for more information on blogging using blogspot service.

Finally, please leave your comments if you like/dislike the template. Don't worry, you'll still able to download our next cross stitch pattern even if you don't like the template [GRIN]. See you again soon. Insya Allah.


PS: to check other template we have, click the label free Islamic Blogger Templates



  1. assalamualaikum,
    nice bog.
    nice moslim info

    wanna to exchange link



  2. hi, mbak ren... dont hold your-self back in facing people like that "luckyless" (mannerless!), seems you are still too kindhearted

  3. jazak Allah brother for sharing.