QS Al Fathir ayat 41 Pastel Color

Calligraphy of Surah Al Fathir ayat 41 (pastel color)
Item Code JXS_CAL098C
Title QS Al Fathir ayat 41
Design Size: 276w X 276h Stitches
Color: 7 DMC (alternative of Anchor thread provided, but please remember that colors will not be exactly the same tone between the brands)

Outside Indonesia, this pattern is available here: ETSY link JXS_098C

Paket Benang CMC (kilap): pola kain Rp 336,000.00, kain polos Rp 279,000.00
Paket Benang  Doft: pola kain Rp 304,000.00, kain polos Rp 242,000.00
Isi paket: Pola tercetak, kain, benang, jarum. Paket pola di kain tetap dapat pola cetaknya.

POLA saja Rp 75,000.00

(info Cara Pesan Paket Java Cross Stitch)


Calculate the size in centimetres and inches
Ukuran desain dalam centimeter dan inci
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Design Size (Ukuran Desain): 0, 0in.

Add at least 10-15 cm for finishing purpose, for example, use 60 x 60 cm square of 14 count fabric